Elien SPG-2 Hip protective padded short pant


The Elien hip protective  is more safer against impact, it has waterproof material, stable structure,

environmentally friendly, non-toxic, delicate, flexible, shockproof and thermal insulation



  • Hips: high-density EVA 12 mm, 30 to 35 degrees, shock absorption effect is good, soft, comfortable, prevent fall like

feeling sat on the sofa, the effective protection is chosen after actual movement and scientific detection, protection area

is large, protect mat strip size, radian, contribute to bending deformation, hips, buttocks, trigeminal bone in the scope of


  • Front: 6mm Neoprene 20-25 degrees, surface attached YKK Loop Fabric, good toughness and comfort, can be freely

djusted and tightened with Velcro hook, so that the whole upper body is cushion-proof, especially to prevent the back

cushion from shifting when moving. It can also be used as a belt to transform the waist strength into movement strength.

  • Main body: customized encryption, thickened 240G quadrangle telescopic LYCRA, waterproof surface, good warmth

preservation, good elasticity, strong comfort, close to the body.

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Elastic Lycra Mesh Cloth, EVA Foam